Welfare, what’s not fair

Welfare, what’s not fair

10:13 PM

Welfare was invented to help the less fortunate. Like any good system, it can be worked. The most common welfare fraud committed, but never caught, is people saying they aren’t working, but really are, under the table or not being listed as a member of the household.

Prime example: man dating a woman, the man moves in, the woman never tells the welfare system that he now lives there, man gets a job under the table, the woman never reports it, the couple now receives a check for cash and food stamps. The man goes to supermarket loads up on food, woman goes and buys a new pair of kicks, they go through checkout line together, others looking on thinking, “WTF, get a job!” Now this story is majorly twisted.

It’s not that everyone does this, but onlookers don’t see what’s really wrong with the system, so they push for tighter restrictions on those who are doing right by the system, people that really need the help and that want to help themselves. The conflicting issue is you can’t truly know what needs to be done with the system unless you’ve been through it. And you’ll never know how helpful low-income benefits are until you need them. Anyone can end up in the health department line.

I’ve watched countless successful business owners go from the top to rock bottom real fast. Sometimes it happens as quick as picking up a piece of pancake off the floor, you just never know. We get insurance and put money back to help out when things get rough, but sometimes that’s just not enough. You could wake up tomorrow with nothing, sleeping in your car.

People, we all pass too much judgment on matters we know only what we see of, it’s not enough for us to take a closer look and combat real issues, the struggle is too strong.

When I said some speak on things they know nothing about, this right here:




Some believe, with every ounce of their being, that the working class is the only ones that get taxed for welfare recipients and that’s the only way the welfare systems has any money at all. Welp, hate to burst your bubble…





Our American Government would not be able to sustain itself on our hard work alone. Our taxes are so much because the cost of living is high, not because Mrs. McCareer doesn’t make enough hourly and needs food stamps. The government owns businesses, import/export and has other agencies they collect revenue from, not only us.

I’m sorry, but you’d have to be a dumb individual to think all of your social security taxes went to the elderly and welfare. S.S. taxes couldn’t cover one of those issues, let alone both.

Here: If you like common core math you’ll love this…



322 million people in the country (both working/not working)

X  $s.s. tax

Equals what?

Let’s find out how much s.s tax is accumulated first.

$58.04 s.s tax biweekly
➗ 2 weeks
$29.02 weekly s.s. tax
➗5 days in a work week
$5.80 a day in s.s. taxes

322 million people in the country, remember?
X  $5.80 daily s.s tax
$1,867,600,000 in s.s.tax procured a day

I work and receive SNAP for my two little girls:

$208 worth of food stamps a month
➗30 days in a given month
$6.93 a day to feed two little girls!!!!

But let’s finish our math.




$1,867,600,000 daily s.s taxes
➗  109,631,000 people on welfare
$1.70 a day for each person receiving benefits to eat on



Well, if I get six and it’s not enough to feed my girls all month, how’s a dollar and some change doing it, and where the hell did the extra three and change come from?
See, the math isn’t even there for anyone to fathom the possibility of your S.S taxes solely paying for someone else’s food. I’m just smh.

Don’t get me wrong, restrictions should change, violators should have harsher punishments, not restrict the amount that’s given or even as petty as passing judgment on others. And to state that drug testing welfare recipients will change anything, you are more deluded than we  initially thought. Testing is the easiest thing to get around. Jobs, it’s long been part of the policy that when you receive government benefits that you have to show proof you’re looking for work, but only the honest ones take the jobs offered!



Look, straight up, my bad if I caught you off guard, it must mean that I wasn’t talking directly to you. Others can think of me whatever you like, doesn’t bother me, I’m too old for bullshit and too young to just forget about it.

If you remember, I have a population number of 322 million people, but that’s how many people total are in the country, which includes babies, disabled and the elderly, not just the working class. So, if everyone couldn’t pay for welfare, then how in the hell is the working class doing it? Must not be, #getsometruth!

That was the math, here is the core. Social Security tax only partially funds low-income families in the form of Medicare, cash benefits, no food stamps, but only partially. Roughly 8%, only 8% from your measly $5 daily s.s. taxes. What’s that like,  .40 cents. Damn son you hurting more than me if you complaining about forty cents, come over later, I’ll feed ya I cook like a beast.


Medicare, well that’s odd, isn’t it? So where does the FICA-Med tax go? That’s a story for another time. The real issue still remains, tightening up restrictions for welfare recipients because you pay to much social security taxes? Oh wait, that’s right, only partial social security tax is for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), I forgot. Wow, you and I just cut the budget by half right there, problem solved! Or is it?

Let me see if you and I are on the same page here. Any system can be worked, between loop holes and just low down dirty system cheating people, it’s a wonder we have what we have at all. The TANF can be worked the same way as food stamps are, not to mention the identity thieves. Medicare and SSI can be manipulated by someone simply making up a disability, playing up a disability and/or having the right doctor to go along with it.

Most of what we know about taxes come from the news media outlets, right? But it never seems to fail right after a reporter/article states social security taxes can’t pay for the retirees that are living now, they seem to jump right into a welfare report, right? The funny part is our brains only register certain parts of a news broadcast/article, like most things in our lives. We, us, the American citizens assume one thing has to do with the other, so we engage in social communications relaying only parts of the news. Society then begins to assume that welfare recipients not only don’t need their benefits but that the ones getting it need less of what they receive. But if now we realize that welfare is not the problem with social security, then what is?


Looks like everything gets put into a trust fund, those collect interest, which turns our math from earlier going from the millions into the trillions, the trillions of dollars we all here about on the news, yeah that. Let’s read that last part again, shall we?


If a person makes over $118,500 they don’t pay a social security tax? Idk, we might need a little feedback on that one, so if you have any further details on this, please leave a comment.

What I can say for certain is that if you make under the taxable amount, you don’t have to pay federal taxes. This happened to me once, by the fault of an accountant company, they didn’t pay anything in federal taxes. Luckily I was under the taxable amount and still got a refund.

First, let’s do a little more math.


5.7% of the 322 million people in the US
18,354,000 citizens making $150,000 a year
X $5.80
$106,453,200 missing from s.s. tax trust funds if that statement is true. Of course, now you would have to know what type of interest rates those funds are pulling in to see how much is really missing from each trust fund every day.

And how the heck is someone raking in all the dough (politicians, ECT.) got something to say about what they are not paying into? At my first glance fixing this problem would get at least roughly closer to solving our social security debts, but like we all know, it’s never that easy. (or maybe that’s because our money isn’t worth what it used to be so the interest payments on those trust funds aren’t as large as they used to be, do the math)


Got it! This has to be it, a main misleading factor to our society, it reads, “65 and older above the poverty level”, not everyone on welfare. See “mal compris” which basically means misunderstood in French, but I’m not done.

Let’s back way up for a minute. All through my research I couldn’t find one legitimate thing called “welfare”, other than a wiki page on the idealism of charitable notions and I did, however, find in small print, as if to be a side note, that Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF- cash assistance program) is most commonly referred to as welfare. SNAP was never mentioned. So the next time you see someone in the check out line with a months worth of groceries, please do not assume you know their life. I only go once a month, stock up, buy in bulk, save money and don’t have to worry about running out, for a month. I have more time with my family not everyone else’s problems.
Because half of you failed to notice my math was based on food stamps, not an assistance check, my guess, though, it’ll probably work out to about the same, so here it is;
Yes, our s.s. tax doesn’t cover everyone we think it should and more is going out than that which is coming in. But when only 8% of that tax is being used for cash assistance programs, you have to wonder what makes up the other 92% look and maybe there you’ll find your answer.

May 17, 2016 update:

Previously we were left with a standing question, what does our government spend on more than S.S.?


It’s our local governments receiving funds from federal…, and that pothole keeps coming back after a few months of being paved over. …should have fixed it right the first time. Overspending by local governments is easy to explain when your answer is, “it was voted on”. Really, does anyone here vote on the rules that mandate how and when to spend funding? Huh what, Sometimes, maybe No! I see so the people we elect can’t do it without the citizens? Remember that day the bathroom law changed for public schools? Yeah, that one. I’m just going to stop here because any more is just beating the dead horse.

Share love not hate, …and this article. lol

He is a great little article I found: What Urban Hunger Looks Like Now http://a.msn.com/r/2/BBqN8Ps?ocid=News

About Michael Milburn
            My two little girls and I can’t thank you enough, you the working class individuals and to our Government. You have helped bless this little family. Know that we have dreams, some bigger than others, but all of which allow us to stand on our own two feet again in the near future. I hope you enjoy the energy that I bring to you, sometimes we forget that it’s ok to get excited about the issues that affect us the most. You may notice some holes in the story and possibly not fully understand my point, but the point is, to have your own point. Take it however you want, I just like the idea of something different with limitless possibilities. Welfare, what’s not fair is the way we look at it and the hostile environment those opinions bring. Keep the peace. Thank you for reading, God bless.


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