A Poor Observation

A lady pulls up to a dumpster sitting next to a street. The dumpster is for the HUD approved apartment complex. It’s small, with only eight apartments. From a distance, they appear to be town homes. The owner doesn’t put a lot of money in them, so they are plain, as the lot is also. She gets out and reaches in the trunk and casually throws her garbage in the dumpster. Before she has a chance to get in her car, a man leaves a conversation with others on the sidewalk and heads up the steps toward her, informing her that it is not a public dumpster, it’s for the tenets of the complex. Her response was beyond primitive, “I pay for it, with your HUD living ass.” So the man distastefully warns her, “Don’t do it again.” The women sped off.
The man returns to his conversation, only to be the subject of it. A little anger has provoked a lot of laughter as jokes are made. Thinking he should have tossed her garbage back at her car, but knowing she would have just left anyway without her trash, glad he didn’t. It would have been as if he was sitting in that same drivers seat.
His nights are full anyway, with happy little girls going to bed. Big kisses and hugs all around. The oldest asks why someone would do that. Even though hours had passed, he knew what her question pertained to. Taking a knee and speaking softly, a child was about to learn a lesson. Calling her honey and explaining that the lady wasn’t taught the proper way to be nice or that she didn’t care at all. And that she didn’t know enough to have anything intelligent to say. With her words being not only false but hurtful.

After which brought a question and a big smile, he asked the little girl what her thoughts where. A blink, a quick look around and with great focus she looks him in the eyes and fills his heart with joy. Her words simple and true stating that the lady could have just asked anyone outside because anyone of them would have said ok. And that she didn’t know daddy works every day, and she’s misses him a lot, to pay for a roof over her head. With his warm soul kissing her good night and slipping out quietly, he’s found that thought of failure again.
Even his little girls didn’t know how well off they once were. With a wonderful career and loving spouse, he never dreamed in a million years he’d be faced with this type of financial trouble. Something as simple as a flood could take his home, forcing him to put a roof over his babies, he chose the first thing that came along. Shortly after starting to get back up from the fall, the spouse leaves for good. Now, faced with a bigger struggle, travel and work, or stay home to raise the girls alone, it was no choice for him, only instinct. His girls future became more important than his own.

That night as he laid his head down, a deep sadness consumed his thoughts so there were no sounds to be heard. The words, “it’s your failure”, scrolled across his brain like a marquee. Wondering, did he try hard enough, was any decision he had made right, and most of all, who has to pay for it. Was that lady right, was he just another sucking the life’s blood out of our nation?  Tears began to form, but never rolled, his pride was worth more than her words.
Praying for a break as he fell asleep, he had to wonder, how many others do we look at as if they are beneath us because of where they live or how much money they have? Are they not people too? Do the kids and parents in the inner city projects not dream? Do they not pray? Don’t they want something more for themselves? His humanity winning out in the end knowing they must…, because he was, right then. Does everyone fall asleep the same?!

Little did that woman and most of you the reader know, she was wrong in what she said. Not because it was rude, but because of HUD’s tight restrictions. Here it is laid out on a tip.
To be approved for assistance, a person has to make well below a national average for a family or elderly income. Yes, not every job pays the same! Yes, people can get approved if they don’t have a job, as long as they are over a certain age or have children. Here’s the kicker, a working mans rent is thirty percent of his gross salary, not what he takes home. So, before he even pays taxes, the assistance programs get their money.
Please understand something, just because someone has a degree in something, doesn’t mean their job pays enough to live without assistance! Sound unbelievable? If a person makes $24,000 or less a year, they should file for assistance. A little extra food a month or a little cheaper rent could mean the difference between being stuck, crying themselves to sleep or saving money to have some sort of better life for them and their family.
That’s what the system was designed for, it’s what the money is allocated for. It is a government funded program, so this system will never stop. And the ones that qualify, pay their own way with jumping through all the hoops of the red tape and the help of our government, the money does not come from your social security tax, a notion. You know, the one where we are all equal!

It’s 2015, it’s time to put childish things aside. If we don’t know anything about it, then we should keep our mouths shut! Correct information is the way of the world, not stereo typing and jumping to conclusions. Cause the truth, she always come out. And if we can’t be nice, well, let’s just say, if you’ve done it to me once, you might not want to do it again! Games are over, gloves, they off. My life will never be determined by what anyone else thinks. Honestly, I pray that you feel and act the same.
Learn something new, teach something good and above all else, we should be honest with ourselves. Because we never know how the other shoe fits until we are forced to wear it. It could turn out to be one very long mile!

by: Michael Milburn
About the Author-
Just like I wrote in my book Simply Poetry, “I will not be a product of my environment, my environment will be a product of me!”
Not even I am able to spend tens of thousands of dollars on things, but what we do have, we try our best to take care of it and keep it clean. I do teach my daughters respect and integrity. And together we grow and learn to be better people than we were yesterday.

So, to the ‘miss lady and her trash’ people of the world, you stink, just like your garbage and now you know why no one wants to be around you! Hopefully now you understand and will accept your growth. Improve yourself before you pass judgment on someone or their children… Other wise it’s just another poor observation!


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